Pass GENDA Now!

On January 14th, TLDEF called upon the members of the New York State Assembly LGB Caucus to actively support passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) (A.6584/Gottfried)(S.3753/Duane).

GENDA would strengthen New York State's Human Rights Law by banning discrimination based upon gender identity and expression throughout the state. It would ensure that all New Yorkers, including transgender people, are protected from discrimination in housing, employment, credit, public accommodations, and other areas of everyday life.   Currently, despite the tremendous discrimination experienced by transgender people in housing, employment, health care and other areas of everyday life, the Human Rights Law provides transgender people with little protection.

Click here to read TLDEF's letter to the members of the New York State Assembly LGB Caucus.  TLDEF will continue to work with other members of the NYS GENDA Coalition to ensure that GENDA becomes law in New York State.

Published January 17, 2008