In record numbers yesterday, Americans went to the polls to make their voices heard. Waiting, wondering, and wishing, we pulled levers, punched cards, and touched screens to participate in our country's future. In the best way we knew how, TLDEF worked to ensure that all voters could participate in yesterday's election without fear of discrimination because of their gender identity or expression. We were heartened by all of the messages of support we received for the work we did on our telephone hotline yesterday.

Change happens in so many ways - large and small, immediate and incremental. And we saw it all yesterday. Within the historic enormity of what transpired in yesterday's election, smaller and incremental changes were afoot. But these changes were powerful, too. The New York Times published an article, Fighting for the Rights of Transgender Voters, chronicling some of the difficulties that transgender voters can experience at the polls and TLDEF's efforts to address those problems. Articles like this, which inform the public about the day-to-day difficulties that transgender people face, have the power to change hearts and minds. We are very pleased to share it with you.

Thank you for all that you've done to help us carry out our mission. We are proud to be on your side, and grateful that you are on ours.

Best wishes for a future filled with positive and lasting change.