TLDEF in the News

In The NewsTLDEF’s extensive advocacy in June and July prompted a tremendous amount of media coverage, most notably in a groundbreaking New York Times editorial entitled: “Progress on Transgender Rights and Health.” The editorial details the numerous recent victories and challenges in the struggle for transgender equality, quoting TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman to emphasize its points.

The announcement of our lawsuit against the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation on behalf of Bryan Ellicott garnered dozens of press reports in outlets across the county.  That was followed by substantial coverage of our efforts to help Chase Culpepper after he was told by the South Carolina DMV that he could not appear in his driver’s license photo wearing the makeup he wears every day. Along with local and national coverage in outlets from The Los Angeles Times to the The Washington Post, TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman also appeared on CNNs New Day to discuss Chase’s experience.

And on the heels of Chase’s story, we went on to garner further media visibility around our work to support Trudy Kitzmiller and Kristen Skinner, the two transgender women in West Virginia who both encountered discrimination at the DMV. Their story was picked up by a wide variety of local and national media outlets, including The Associated Press and CNN, along with a host of local press entities.

We work hard to educate the public about the challenges that community members face. When we share our work through prominent local and national media placements, we begin to persuade fair-minded people about the importance of equal rights for transgender people. Keep an eye out for more media coverage of our work in the months ahead.

You can read all of the coverage of our work on our web site.