Mourning the Death of Jose O. SucuzhaƱay

In an expression of solidarity with those who marched in the streets of Brooklyn to express outrage over the death of Jose O. Sucuzhañay, we urge all New Yorkers to come together to ensure hate and bias attacks become a thing of the past.

“This shockingly brutal crime defies explanation," TLDEF executive director Michael Silverman said.  "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Sucuzhañay family and we urge everyone — local residents, activists and elected officials — to come together and ensure hate and bias attacks become a thing of the past.”

Four men brutally beat Sucuzhañay with a baseball bat and bottles on the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Kossuth Place in Brooklyn as he and his brother walked home "arm in arm" early Sunday, Dec. 7. This attack comes less than a month after Dwight R. DeLee allegedly shot and killed Lateisha Green outside a Syracuse house party because he thought she was gay. Media reports later indicated Green was transgender, but her murder, along with Sucuzhañay’s tragic death, are the latest in a series of anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant attacks across New York State and the country.

We praise the community’s response to the attack against Sucuzhañay. And we further urges law enforcement officials across the state and country to work closely with victims of these attacks and their families, friends and neighbors to ensure these crimes become a thing of the past.