TLDEF Urges Supreme Court to Remember Transgender Families as it Considers Historic Marriage Equality Cases

Supreme Court On April 28th, TLDEF spoke out on behalf of the transgender families we serve as the Supreme Court heard challenges to restrictions on the freedom to marry in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. The historic proceeding set the stage for a ruling in June that could bring marriage equality to LGBT people throughout the country, including to the transgender families that have experienced tremendous hardship as a result of discriminatory restrictions on the freedom to marry.

“In taking up these cases, the Supreme Court brings marriage equality to the forefront and moves us one step closer to deciding this issue nationally once and for all,” said TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman. “LGBT people, including the transgender families we serve, deserve protection and recognition. Transgender people have suffered under discriminatory marriage laws, with the legal status of their relationships often called into question. With 37 states and the District of Columbia now extending marriage protections following key rulings last year, the tide has turned dramatically toward fairness and justice. It is time for marriage equality throughout this nation and we urge the Supreme Court to remember the real people and families whose lives hang in the balance as it considers the arguments and comes to a decision this June.”