Bruce Jenner Story Catapults Transgender Issues into the Spotlight; TLDEF Weighs in on Impact of Story

Jenner On April 24, TLDEF joined advocates across the nation in congratulating Bruce Jenner, who publicly came out as transgender in an interview with Diane Sawyer during a two-hour special on ABC News. Jenner is now one of the best-known openly transgender figures in the world.

TLDEF’s Executive Director Michael Silverman shared positive reaction to Jenner’s coming out in the Associated Press and Mashable. In the latter, he called the Jenner interview a “milestone event” and went on to say, "I think many people who don't know anyone who is openly transgender will be moved and touched by what Jenner shared tonight…. I hope that it will have an impact on our culture in terms of creating space for more people to come out, and creating a dialogue about the rights of transgender people.”

On the same day as the interview, Health Day, which is syndicated to hundreds of outlets nationally, featured TLDEF’s Patricia Harrington in an article about transgender people who transition later in life, like Jenner. Harrington, who is TLDEF’s Intake Coordinator, shared inspiring and insightful words about her own unique journey to living authentically: “When I was younger, this was all just unthinkable. It was unobtainable and unreachable. Yes, times are changing, of course, and there's been a tremendous amount of progress over the years. But I suppose I've changed as well. I'm less sensitive. I'm more comfortable. And I'm very grateful and amazed that I got to where I now am. I'm finally able to be myself.”