Impact Litigation

Impact Litigation Program


TLDEF’s Impact Litigation Program brings cases and files friend of the court briefs in local, state, and federal tribunals across the country—expanding access to opportunity and democratic participation for all members of the transgender community.


TLDEF’s litigation work focuses on combating discrimination in four key areas: Healthcare, Employment, Public Accommodations, and Education.


Health Care: All patients should be able to access health care. Our health care litigation seeks to ensure both that transgender people are treated fairly in doctors’ offices and hospitals, and that transgender people are treated fairly by healthcare insurers and administrators.


Employment: No one should be treated poorly because of who they are. Unfortunately, transgender people experience high rates of workplace discrimination. Our employment litigation aims to ensure that transgender people can apply for jobs, transition on the job without fear of being fired, and access employment benefits like employer-provided health care, free from discrimination.


Public Accommodations: Everyone should be able to access hotels, public transportation, public restrooms, and other public facilities on equal terms. Our public accommodations litigation seeks to break down barriers that keep transgender people from actively participating in public life.


Education: Our nation’s schools and colleges should treat all students respectfully. Our education work aims to ensure that students are able to attend and complete their schooling free from discrimination.



If you have experienced discrimination and want TLDEF to help you, click here to learn about our process.


If you are interested in having TLDEF file a friend of the court brief in a case, please contact Ezra Young, TLDEF’s Director of Impact Litigation.